Did Cervantes' mind ever wander into a tidepool of cyberspace? I always wondered what he might have seen in the eddies that wash over the spaces of consciousness from which Don Quixote emerged. If Don Quixote was a flying robot and windmills were table fans and revolving doors....

The Cyberkinetic Dream Of Don Quixote is an experimental video I made in 1990-1991 at the Center for Research in Arts and Technology at the University of South Florida.   I was using the Amiga computer to make photographic collages and 2D animation and learning how to use Alias on a Silicon Graphics Iris (SGI) workstation.  Creating 3D imagery and motion graphics on this type of system, an advanced graphics workstation at the time, was very exciting to me, but it was also time consuming and my feeling was that the output often looked very cold and hard-edged.

2D collage still-frame from The Cyberkinetic Dream of Don Quixote.

I began experimenting with juxtaposing 2D, more gritty, video imagery with the 3D high-resolution output from Alias.  This seemed more appealing and formed the basis for the composition and editing of the 3D animation, 2D animation, and the video derivative elements of the work.  The final piece is a two minute video which includes a music track I composed several years earlier at SYCOM --USF's electronic music studios.

The video won first place in the experimental category at the 1991 Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival's Alamo Film Competition for Florida Students.

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The Cyberkinetic Dream of Don Quixote is also available on CD-ROM and DVD.
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