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Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue, 1999
16mm film, B/W, 20:00

Directed by Shari Rothfarb
Produced by Nancy Schwartzman
Written by D.H. Resnicoff and Shari Rothfarb
Cinematography by Milton Kam
Edited by Shari Rothfarb
Casting by Madeline Lee Gilford

Ocean Avenue - Luna/Mikveh
Principal Cast
Karen Lynn Gorney
Alexis Brentani
Tibor Feldman

Cast and Crew Bios

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A woman undergoes a spiritual transformation as she desperately searches the streets of Brooklyn for her lost daughter.

Ocean Avenue - Miriam/Mikveh
On the eve of her last visit to the mikveh (the Jewish ritual purification bath), Luna Singer, an Orthodox woman in Brooklyn, fears that the sum of her life is not enough. When her grown daughter Miriam vanishes, Luna's beliefs are thrown into question. Distraught, but confident that she will find her, Luna sets off on her journey through the Brooklyn streets, video camera in hand. As Miriam grows ever more elusive, Luna's grounding in the present slips further and further away.

Then, on a rainy night as she accompanies her husband Jack in his taxi, she conceives the question, "If you had to choose between long life and children, which would you choose?" Driven by her need for an answer, Luna boldly takes her camera back out to the streets, asking her question of all who cross her path. The answers, funny, thoughtful and unique, only serve to deepen Luna's desperate search for her daughter, her anchor in life.

With original music by Essev Bar, a multi-ethnic band from the Galilee, Israel, striking urban and underwater cinematography by up and coming NYC D.P. Milton Kam, and a moving performance by Karen Lynn Gorney (NY film, television and theater actor and disco diva/star of "Saturday Night Fever"), "Ocean Avenue" is a lyrical and evocative tale of one woman's psychic transition as she experiences the loss of a dream.

Ocean Avenue - Luna/FlatironCONTACT


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