I've given the following conference presentations and courses.   I'm always interested in participating in discussions about virtual worlds or interactive media technologies and content.

May 1999 Creating 3D Internet Worlds for E-Commerce
3D Design & Animation Conference, Santa Clara, California
As online retailing continues to expand, web designers and developers are introducing 3D virtual worlds to the E-Commerce mix. This course focused on strategies for designing 3D virtual worlds for commerce and included a tour of VR@TOWER, Tower Records' Internet 3D music store.

Oct 1997 Your Avatar, Your Ident : Who will I be today?
Avatars 97 : The Human Race in CyberSpace Conference, San Francisco, California
Your ident in the real world and cyberspace is becoming increasingly multifaceted. From the nom de plume to the IRC handle to articulated 3D avatars to the human cyborg, how our ident is being stretched! As you project your persona into digital worlds, you are faced with the increasingly complex issues of picking an avatar and the persistance of your identity within and across communities. You can explore the freedom of a fictional identity or cross the boundaries of age, gender, and disability. How does the avatar-cyborg frontier offer a way to learn more about yourself?

Other conferences and professional group meetings I've spoken at include BayCHI Virtual Worlds panel/1997, SIGGRAPH 98 Educator's Program, Museums and the Web 99, the Web3D - VRML 2000 Symposium, and the SIGGRAPH 2000 Web3D RoundUp