For the past five years, I have been imagining and building digital spaces. What digital spaces actually are continues to change, so it's difficult to define the term and have it be relevant in the same way in a year's time. I'll be updating this space from time to time with different interpretations of digital space, especially with respect to how they inform my own work. International Space Station
I've been fortunate enough to be able to work in this emerging medium since 1997. It has been an exciting time as the Internet and the World Wide Web come into their own as a communications medium. I continually discover interactive applications and multimedia technologies that are leading the way. I believe that networked digital spaces that are rich in graphics and audio media will indeed become a significant method of how people interact with each other across physical distances and within electronic communities of interest.

What follows is sort of a road map of ways in which I have explored digital spaces from electronic culture to business and e-commerce applications to personal art process.

Worlds on CD-ROM
Exploring Edo Exploring Edo
Interactive musuem kiosk / CD-ROM recreating old Edo, Japan
Still imagery of moving images about still images in motion
Titanic: Voyage Through Time Titanic: Voyage Through Time
Prototype for an interactive title about the RMS Titanic
Worlds on the Internet
A virtual TOWER RECORDS store
InterSpace Station InterSpace Station
Distance learning environment themed around the International Space Station
Virtual Edo Virtual Edo
Distance learning environment recreating old Edo, Japan
Concept Worlds
A Memorial To Victims Of Violence


CyberSpace Reading List
Cosmo Worlds / World Building Tutorial
Presentation: Creating 3D Internet Worlds for E-Commerce
Links to download 3D Web viewing / interaction tools